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About Us

The University of Louisiana at Lafayette Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) is a partnership program with Louisiana State University (LSU) ROTC. Although UL's ROTC Program has existed in some form or fashion since the 1970s, our tradition of commissioning officers through our relationship with LSU is very proud, long and honored — having commissioning graduates for service in the Armed Forces of the United States for more than a century. LSU and UL Lafayette students and alumni have served this Nation faithfully both in periods of crisis and times of peace.

The University of Louisiana at Lafayette and the United States Army uphold this shared tradition of excellence through the University’s ROTC academic Department of Military Science. This department benefits the students of UL Lafayette by providing them the opportunity to qualify for a military commission while they are also pursuing their college degrees.

The primary ROTC objectives are:

  • to enroll and motivate officer candidates;
  • to provide academically centered courses of study, which broaden students’ appreciation of and dedication to American principles;
  • to develop students’ abilities as leaders and managers;
  • and to motivate students to reach their full potential as officers. 

The goal of the ROTC program is to commission men and women who show leadership potential, have completed ROTC program requirements, and have earned a college degree.

Working together through the ROTC program, the University and the Armed Forces contribute to a common national objective of infusing young people with personal integrity, honor, personal pride, and a desire to serve the nation and the community as effective citizens.