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Info for Parents

We know that having a child in the ROTC can be a new experience, and we’re here to answer all of your questions. Parents should know that ROTC Cadre do monitor their child’s progress throughout their college career and that they are always available to answer questions and meet with parents.

Know that while your child is involved in ROTC, he/she will not be called to go to war; our number one priority is to have your son/daughter get their degree and graduate. Cadets get individualized counseling and mentoring while in our program to complete their degrees on time. The average Cadet, at UL, graduates from college in 4.5 years. Many of our Cadets select Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics (STEM) degrees, accounting for the average to be higher than 4 years in college.

On top of being a student at UL Lafayette, our Cadets also have a busy schedule because of all of their extracurricular activities. They may not always be able to come home on the weekends because they’re becoming scholars, athletes, and leaders. Our cadets are providing services to their University and going through training.

Meet our Staff.

What does daily life look like for a cadet?

Our Cadets conduct physical training every morning from 6-7 am, and they attend classes during the day. One of those classes is their military science course two days a week (generally on Tuesday and Thursday) for an hour. Cadets participate in Military Science labs on Thursday afternoon from 3:30-5:30 p.m. to apply hand-on practical applications from what they learn in their Military Science classes. On the weekends, Cadets have some required and some optional activities they participate in, including training, University and community activities, and service.

Cadets will complete field training exercises (FTXs) at minimum once during each semester.

Students can also study in the ROTC building when they need a quiet place to get away to, either by themselves or with others. Our building provides classrooms, wi-fi access and a safe, secure and quiet location.

We encourage our Cadets to become well-rounded:

  • Scholars, focusing on their studies;
  • Athletes, whether they are student-athletes, intramural athletes or just ensuring that they are physically fit to the Army Standards and
  • Leaders, able to lead their peers and set the example to others whether they are Cadets or students on our campus.